Vidya Jyoti

Latest In Africa

We are very pleased and excited to introduce to you all our latest project in Africa.

We have collaborated with a fantastic organisation called Yoga Pura Vida (YPV) which has been based in Africa for ten years, transforming the lives of vulnerable young people by sharing invaluable life tools through yoga practices.

Yoga has become extremely popular in the last few decades within western society and it has even been introduced within some of our schools!

YPV believes the tools gained from Yoga are paramount for creating a more holistic & healthy society to live peacefully & happily.

YPV specialises in classical yoga and trains and supports people of all tribes, religions, abilities, ages & genders by running Yoga camps.

Here is some information about YPV projects in Africa:

  • Yoga has been implemented in over 55 primary & secondary schools
  • It has been implemented in over 55 NGOs in both rural areas & cities.
  • Direct beneficiaries = children & youth in impoverished areas of Kenya & Uganda, as well as refugees of all ages in Malawi.
  • In Sierra Leone, YPV support abused children, street children, male & female prison inmates, residents in the national psychiatric center, university students, & trainee nurses.
  • In Uganda YPV aid children undergoing chemotherapy & those with autism.
  • In Rwanda, YPV help elderly genocide survivors, hospital caregivers & orphans.
  • In Tanzania, YPV serve deaf interpreters, orphans & thousands of children in schools & NGOs.
  • In Spain, YPV support elderly people living in care homes, elder African immigrant women at risk of social exclusion & adolescents with high levels of stress, anxiety & suicidal tendencies.
  • YPV interventions have benefitted people suffering from mental health problems, disabilities, drug addiction, poverty, stigma & social exclusion.

As you can see, YPV have worked hard to spread the power of Yoga to all walks of life.

Vidya Jyoti is collaborating with Yoga Pura to take the message further into Accra where we are hoping to hold further Yoga camps and to train instructors who can then spread Yoga into the schools.

We seek your blessings and wishes in helping us to make this project a success and look forward to updating you once it has all been finalised and implemented.