Vidya Jyoti

VJ Sierra Leone water project

Following the success of our water project in rural Ghana, Vidya Jyoti has started our water project for remote villages of Sierra Leone.
Our Team surveyed 5 villages where  communities have no access to clean water for drinking and sanitation.They collect dirty water which accumulates from the rains. However in the dry season when there is no rain, they walk miles to find water which is difficult to source and transport.
We have started work on digging the first well and after 10 days of digging, the team hit water at 35 feet. They have dug deeper to over 40 feet and are now in the process of lining the well with concrete, before they install the handpump.The cost of digging the well, concrete lining and handpump installing £ 3400.
Our team have also identified  handpumps which Vidya Jyoti will repair in other villages where Wells were constructed by UNICEF back in 2017 and have stopped working due to lack of maintenance.