Vidya Jyoti

Vidya Jyoti UK

In the UK, Vidya Jyoti have partnered with two registered organisations working with the disabled, the Gateway and Community ConneX both based in West London.


Vidya Jyoti offers regular activity and entertainment days, where individuals with any disability. Vidya Jyoti’s dedicated volunteers provide the food and entertainment/activities at these events free of cost. We believe in giving our time and attention to individuals with any disability so that they feel loved, valued and respected.

We believe that social inclusion and removing loneliness is a very important way of serving people with disabilities.Dr Pamela Kaushal is also providing her skills and expertise in mental health, by offering group sessions for those with disabilities, who require information or informal support with mental health issues.

Every Easter and Christmas Vidya Jyoti arranges gifts for two charitable organisations in Buckinghamshire, 1. Young Carers Bucks (provide support to children and young adults who are in a caring role) 2. Wycombe Women’s refuge (provide support and shelter for women who are victims of domestic abuse).